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Effortlessly Build and Manage your Global Teams

Humancloud's AI-powered platform offers a hassle-free solution for building and managing global teams by handling hiring, payroll, legal, compliance, infrastructure, operations, and more, so you can fully concentrate on your core business objectives.

Struggling to assemble a top-notch team?

Experience the unparalleled potential of Humancloud's AI-powered platform as it empowers you to curate a team of exceptional product builders who excel in the fields of engineering, design, and marketing. With effortless ease, our platform allows you to handpick the best talents and swiftly assemble a top-notch team. Our on-demand team is poised to align seamlessly with your goals, injecting momentum into your projects and helping you regain control of your roadmap. Through our extensive network of outstanding experts, we provide you with access to unparalleled expertise, enabling your company to accomplish remarkable feats.


Let's Build Your Team

Build, manage, monitor and modify your team with complete control and transparency.

Brainstorm the mission

Brainstorm your product requirements with our AI assistant, and it will recommend the ideal team composition tailored to your needs. Let our AI take the lead in team building, ensuring the perfect blend of expertise to drive your product's success.

Review + deploy the team

Our AI leverages our rigorous screening process to curate a pool of resources that precisely match your required skill sets. Rest assured that these selected resources possess the necessary expertise and quality to significantly contribute to the success of your project.

You’re good to go! Start building

Gain control and visibility with our team and mission dashboard, allowing you to efficiently manage, monitor, and modify your assembled team. Foster effective collaboration and achieve successful project outcomes through seamless control.

Collaboration is Supreme with a better Team

Fuel your product development with the top skilled talent to speed-up time, to market and save costs. Whether you are a new startup or a mature enterprise, we can help you build an expert project team of any size.

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Generative AI Team

PM, Full-Stack Developers, UX Expert & AI Engineer

OpenAI, Node.js, React

Use our expertise to create a custom generation AI solution tailored to your product needs and business objectives

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eCommerce Mobile Team

Product Manager, Mobile Developer & UI/UX Expert

Flutter, Dart

Use our expertise to create a custom eCommerce solution tailored to your project needs and business objectives.

Hiring global team

Streamline your global team-building process effortlessly with Humancloud. Say goodbye to the complexities of establishing legal entities, managing hiring, payroll, legal matters, compliance, infrastructure, operations, and more. With our comprehensive solution, we take care of it all and listed below.

Employee engagement

Taxes & Deductions

Legal & Compliance

Hardware / Assets

Payroll & Benefits

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Ecosystem that prioritizes Human-First approach

In order to understand the your customer deeply any organization must know how to empathize with people. Having a great sense of understanding when it comes to human sentiments has been proven to be highly beneficial for an organic business growth.

Build & Onboard your team in stages

Pay-as-you-go flexibility

Monitor and rate your team members

Manage all your Teams, In One Place

What we've been able to achieve

We enable fast-growing companies to find, create, and oversee top-tier tech teams whenever they need them.



Avg Time Spent



Products Delivered



Avg Team Hourly Rate

"Humancloud team augmented Contractwrangler with an incredible engineering resourcing support that included UI/UX, Platform Engineering and Dev Ops. Reliability, innovation and timely delivery seem the obvious hallmarks of the Humancloud Engineering team. Thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and commitment to quality and delivery."

John Gengarella

CEO, Contract Wrangler

“Humancloud Engineering team helped with building scale out Kubernetes solutions using Avesha's smart scalar technology. Thrilled to work with a development partner that has great platform engineering skills with a devoted team that builds to order with security and compliance standards."

Dheeraj Ravula

VP, Head of Customer Success

Used by startups and enterprises to build great teams across the globe

Businesses across the globe be it startups or enterprises leverages Humancloud offerings to set up their global team of highly skilled builders team and helped them save time, money and resources 

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