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The Power of People and Technology

More than Technology,
we are Humancloud

We collaborate with our clients to comprehend their demands and create specialised solutions that promote commercial success. We offer IT solutions and full-service digital consultancy. Our staff is committed to assisting businesses in transforming and thriving in the digital era. Digital strategy, website design and development, data analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are just a few of the many IT services we provide. We have the knowledge and experience to support you in achieving your objectives, whether they include enhancing your online presence, streamlining operations, or stimulating innovation.

HumanCloud Technology

Core values

The premise that teams matter is the foundation of Humancloud. Great teams create the best things in the world. That's why we joined forces to establish the ideal setting for product builders to reclaim their independence and collaborate with businesses creating the goods of the future on issues that are important to them.Our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs help people associated with our organization function together as a team and achieve common business goals


Community with Camaraderie

Your work, your life, your way. We are a wholesome community first, and later comes the company. Where knowledge is shared freely and Team is supportive


Connecting with Creativity

A lot can be gained greatly from workplace creativity. Teams may optimize their workflows, come up with new ideas, and cooperate more effectively with the support of a creative environment

Being Authentic

Being Authentic

Everyone is encouraged to come to work as their authentic selves since our diversity should be acknowledged as they are what make our team so great

Together we can

Together we Can

In order to develop individual strength it is important to be a team player. Teamwork creates efficiency and helps build trust, hence improving the company culture


Diversity and Inclusivity

We understand that every individual should have their own voice, and have a sense of belonging. We value the people associated with us and look into equity, not just equality


Growth and Development

An organic growth is required for an organization to flourish, We think beyond, with a fresh approach towards growth and development

Empowered by Values, driven by Technology

We are engineers with open heart

We have made significant investments in attracting and maintaining the top development talent across the globe. With our people at the center of all we do at  Humancloud, we believe that our power comes from their skills, perspectives, and experiences. We are aware that successful workplaces are those that promote diversity and provide all workers the chance to realise their full potential.


Confidence is the key


Strength with unity

software development services

You may be assured that we believe in you because we go above and beyond to find great people to accomplish extraordinary things. Having confidence in oneself is the next step.

We have highly skilled, enthusiastic software developers, architects, and testers, Innovative thinkers who change the way we perceive things, systematic project managers and designers, determined management with a focus on quality and delivery, and analytical minds that can comprehend the subtleties of our customers' businesses.



We at Humancloud aim to revolutionize the way companies are built, with an understanding of the way technology is expanding we plan on moving with it hand-in-hand. You can take your businesses to a whole new height along with team of product builders. Humancloud builds for builders.


Legal and regulatory compliance

Complying with local labour laws, obtaining work permits, and paying taxes in multiple jurisdictions can be complex when hiring global team.


Forging Winning Teams

Identifying right team composition and finding suitable talent becomes challenging due to cultural barriers and compliance intricaciest.


Payroll & Finance

Managing global payroll and finance poses complex challenges due to varying tax regulations and compliance requirements across different countries.

Utkarsh Wagh

Message from CEO’s Desk

Humancloud was founded in 2019 with a vision of Empowering young
and growing companies to thrive by disrupting and democratizing traditional IT service and consulting businesses, and today with our brand values of Quality, Trust, Ownership, and Innovation We have come a long way, and have a huge list of esteemed clients across the globe. Our team is dedicated tohelping organizations transform and thrive in the digital age. We offer you an extended arm in forming the team for your business. It takes a lot of time and effort to hire someone as there is an endless supply of resources. We are aware of that. You can rely on us to make things simple for you. Build your dream team from resources vetted by our team experts


Our leadership team

Meet the amazing team behind Humancloud

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