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Take a look at how we help you build and manage top teams

build your teams

Make a team blueprint to get started

We help you form best teams for your company, if you give us a brief idea regarding what exactly you want your team to be like, we make sure you get the best.

Let us know what you are thinking

Give your team an introductory name and give us an idea of your expectation. Then move a step further and click on a team preset to begin building your team

Find individual strengths and distribute roles

Add the roles you want your team to have. Select "must-have" and "nice-to-have" skills that you would want for each team member, and mark how long you'd like them to work.

Give us details about the mission

Let us decide about the logistics! Describe your mission in a detailed form, add a video of your introduction. And tell us when you want to start your mission and its duration

Make a review of the existing team and optimize it

After you are done with the team blueprint, now it’s time to start reviewing the existing team that you have made and by using our most effective sources making sure that everthing is perfect

Thorough review of proposal

Once your team request is submitted, you will receive a team proposal within few days

Revise and request for edits

Whenever you get your proposal, you'll have to discuss with other team admins from your company. And Humancloud Formation Specialist will help you make any revisions you have for your team.

software development services

Start building your product

You’re almost there! once the initial stages are complete all you have to do is start building the product with the help of our top builders.

software development services

Once you start off, Humancloud can embed into your internal teams by making use of your company's tooling, while also joining team stand ups. You can manage and monitor your team along the way, while also modifying it

Begin Building as you go

When you are satisfied with your team, Humancloud will give you your own team dashboard where you can sign contracts and officially start! We'll also help you plan a Kick-off for your Team.

Sign up contract and let’s begin!
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