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The Future of Business: SaaS and Open Source Software

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Incorporation of SaaS and Open Source Software can achieve additional business growth and cost reduction.

Many businesses are migrating towards cloud-based services for cost reduction and revenue optimization. While reading this article, the competitors are working with cloud-based service companies.

Since the adoption of 4G on a global scale, there has been an unprecedented amount of migration towards cloud services, and the trend doesn't seem to slow down. The skyrocketing migration and entrance of new businesses into the marketplace have changed the business canvas.

If you want to shift your business to cloud-based software services and reduce your overall business expenditure, increase profit, and add value to an existing business, then, let us help you find a well-tailored solution for your problem.

Advantages of SaaS and Open Source over Traditional Methods

The advantages of using SaaS and Open source software are numerous. Cloud-based services provide plenty of benefits over traditional software development and usage systems methods. The conventional process of hiring developers for developing in-house software and maintaining servers costs a considerable amount of money. It is simple and economical to outsource a particular software requirement to an IT company. Besides the SaaS services, if the organization uses open source software and Open SaaS services, then the cost falls exponentially. The open-source software and open SaaS save time, increase productivity, and do project work with fewer experienced engineers. While traditionally, the business has to handle the complete operation in both vertical and horizontal fashion. It is hard for small enterprises and new startups to invest massive money in developing the project themselves.

Why are your competitors migrating to the Cloud?

Well, the numbers don't lie. Most businesses are migrating or already have migrated completely towards cloud-based services. Even a tiny enterprise uses 25-50 cloud-based services. Medium and large corporations get a full-fledged SaaS model. These kinds of services are easy and fast to implement in existing frameworks. It saves a lot of capital expenditure and overall operational costs. It will be far better in the future than the old and clumsy traditional methods, thus helping get more work done with minimal staff. The collaboration part is a cakewalk compared to working on different closed systems. The SaaS applications are easier to integrate with other cloud-based services and applications. Often, small businesses don't have enough funds to maintain and deploy on-premise apps. Therefore, most companies are shifting their operations towards SaaS and Open Source, which will help them focus on critical business objectives and increase productivity.

Features of SaaS and Open Source Software

The combination of SaaS and Open Source Software is like a pair of swords and shields. With it, you will make your business a formidable champion. Let us look at the usage open source has for business growth. Firstly, you won't have to reinvent the wheel using open-source software! Yes, that is right. The source code is freely available under a free licensing agreement which gives your developer full access to the source code for better development. It will help you focus more on the implementation and drastically improve the delivery time. As everything is freely available and there are coders worldwide helping you out, it will lower the overall development cost. If you need professional support, companies are charging small fees for helping out businesses.

On the other hand, SaaS will help you solve problems related to Cloud-based Services. Services based out of the Cloud are easy to incorporate and scale. Imagine upgrading your older system and migrating to a new one! With SaaS, you won't even notice the change. The upgrade is smooth and highly scalable. While also providing high security for your data. The cloud-based services are highly customizable and serve business needs. They are pretty easy to maintain and cost-effective. The flexibility provided by such services gives businesses a higher chance for collaboration.

Any business can gain strategic importance in their niche roles using SaaS and Open Source software. Plus, the SaaS service providers give you comprehensive data and analytics over the services, which are used to understand the internal working of the business better and recalibrate business positions accordingly.

Incorporation of SaaS into existing business for better growth

It is the best time to migrate over to cloud-based services if you currently have a business that manages most of its servers and develops the essential software. As discussed above, it will save you a fortune and improve your business prospectus. It will free you from worrying about minor details. The time saved from such services can be well utilized in developing and enhancing the company's core product. Today, hundreds of companies are providing cloud-based services, and there are platforms such as Azure and AWS. Then an IT company can help you migrate data over the Cloud without causing data loss.


Overall the 4G revolution and faster internet connectivity have brought the world closer and in this fast-paced world, doing everything from scratch is not a good idea. The future holds Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things. It will be unwise to build systems from scratch. Software requirements for operating in such an environment will be pretty high. The current trend will democratize how businesses use it in the future, and there will be a low barrier to entry. Thus taking away the monopoly of a large business firm and in Open Source software, money will no longer be a crucial advantage. Instead, product development and customer service will be the core area of marketing. For long-term sustenance, the business will have to innovate and strategize its business planning and build an expert engineering team. Therefore it is better to start migrating toward cloud-based services before it is too late.

We, as Humancloud, support companies and startups with modern IT technology by building a team of talented IT engineers for our clients. The engineering team implements innovative and technologically advanced products on the client's behalf. Which reduces the project cost, saves time, and gives agility over competitors. We would love to become a partner for implementing and customizing SaaS and open source software according to your needs.

Are you looking for a SaaS and open source software implementation partner? Talk to us today!

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